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    2nd mini Album

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    Mitara-CD Vol.1

    Tunes with Riho's beloved dog Mitarashi's barking voice

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    Riho AKiyama (Trumpeter, composer, arranger, fashion model, and screenwriter)


    Born in Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, she started playing the piano at the age of three.
    After entering Kita-Kamakura Girls' High School, she majored in trumpet at the music department.

    After graduating from the high school, she traveled around Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Seville and Malmö, then she started the work as a trumpeter in Berlin, focusing on classical music.
    When having lived in Berlin, she always wore kimono (Japanese traditional clothing), and served as a fashion model for one of the kimono brand as well.

    After 3 years have passed in Berlin, she came back to Japan and started learning the various genres/types of trumpet performance method under Master YOKAN, who is a very famous and multi-wind-instrument-player in Japan.

    While participating in top artists' recordings, live performances, shooting for TV programs and music videos, she also describe herself as a "Japanese Fantastic Trumpeter'', and keep composing the fantastic music about the old and new Japanese tradition to deliver the dream and hope to the world with her music.

    Recently she's been working mainly in the following field;
    -Horn-arrangements of the music for 2.5-dimensional stage/theater,
    -Creating the composite art containing music, dance and theatrical elements
    -Live performance
    -Teaching Trumpet

    The number of her pupil has reached over 100 persons all over Japan.
    (Recently she's started teaching trumpet online, too)


    ▼Recording Session

    - Ame nochi Hallelujah (The Rain Will Turn to Hallelujah) / Yuzu

    -Hidamari (Sunny Spot)/Yuzu


    -Snow Magic Fantasy

    -Gyakuten fanfare (Changeover Fanfare)/SKY HI (Mitsuhiro Hidaka from AAA)

    -Shugarirura feat. Risa Aizawa / Hanae

    -Musical Theater "A3!!" Theme song, Inserted songs, etc....


    ▼Appearance in Music Video

    -Ame nochi Hallelujah (The Rain Will Turn to Hallelujah) / Yuzu


    -Chigau, Soujyanai (No, it's not like that) / D-LITE(from BIGBANG)


    ▼Appearance on TV (Supporting artists)

    -Kohaku Uta-gassen (Red vs White Music Show) / NHK

    -Music Japan / NHK


    -Ashita-e-Concert (Concert for tomorrow) /NHK BS

    -Bokura-no-Ongaku (Music for us) /Fuji Television

    - Japan Record Awards / TBS


    ・Best Artist 2013 / Nippon Television

    ・Baka-Rhythm 02 / Nippon Television

    ・LIVE MONSTER / Nippon Television

    ・Music Station / TV Asahi

    ・Best Hit Music Festival /Yomiuri Telecasting


    ▼Appearance in live stage performance

    ・K-1 AWARDS 2019 Solo Trumpet Performance

    ・Hairdressing Conetest "Dream Plus" Opening Fanfare at Nippon Budokan

    ・”Cherry Blossom Viewing for Adults” by Shinjyuku Isetan Solo Trumpet performance

    ・Taste Festival Berlin in Germany Trumpet Performance


    ▼Trumpet Riho Akiyama is 


    YTR-8335 (Custom-made instrument)

    For more detail, please visit Yamaha Official Website Z ARTIST BANK

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    Live performance

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    Please feel free to inquire us about the terms for Riho's trumpet performance at various events such as concerts, live performances, and corporate parties.


    If you want other musical instrument players to be participated in the performance with Riho, we can assign the best performers, and also provide the preferable music as per your request.


    ▼Performances in the past

    - Performance in a cruise party (with violin, and piano)

    - Solo performance in the contemporary music festival at Suntory Hall, Azabu, Japan

    - Playing the Opening Fanfare for "The Best Beautician Contest" at Nippon Budokan

    - Solo performance at "Cherry-blossom Viewing Party" hosted by Shinjuku Isetan

    - Performance in "Taste Festival Berlin" in Germany

    - Performance in "K-1 AWARDS 2019"

    - In-store live performance at musical instrument stores in Osaka, Okaya, etc.

    - Performance as a backing musician for Yuzu in their Japan Tour

    - Performance as a backing musician for angela in their live performance


  • Composition, Arrangement

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    Please feel free to order us for original tunes, or horn arrangement that can be used in various scenes such as stage-show. theater and TV commercials.


    ▼Works in the past (Composition/horn arrangement)

    - Musical "Yuyu Hakusho"

    - Musical "Karakuri Circus"

    - Musical "MANKAI STAGE A3!"

    - Condor Taxi Group Youtube Channel

    - TV advertisement of "Osaka Petit Banana" produced by Hyogetsudo

    - Promotion video of theatrical combat school



    You can find the sample music on Audio Stock

    *More sample music will be coming soon...


  • Face-to-Face Lesson / Online Lesson

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    In addition to face-to-face lessons in Tokyo, we can arrange Riho's special lessons (private class, group lessons, and lessons for musical bands) all over Japan.

    For whom cannot visit Japan, we provide online lesson program as well.


    ▼Activity in the past

    - Riho has established a unique lesson method that can cover a wide range of pupils from inexperienced to professionals, and instructed more than 100 people nationwide from 2015 to the present

    - She has given lots of lessons to persons who work in a show-biz industry

    - She has started the online lessons in 2019 for whom cannot take face-to-face lesson

    - In the lessons for wind music bands, she makes use of her considerable experience as a backing musician for the musicians in the front line, and give the great lessons.

    - Especially she specializes in teaching pop music

  • Online Community

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    For Riho's fans and those who want to improve the skill of playing Trumpet, we run a online community page.

    You can learn the tips of playing trumpet, and she also distribute her demo every month.

    Feel free to joint the community! It's available from JPY300/monthly.

    *There are several options

    *Only Japanese language is available in this community


    For more detail, please visit Online Community Page

  • Online Store

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    You can buy her CD and other original goods in Online Store Page.

    *Only Japanese language is available on Online Store Page.

  • Appearance in TV and other Medium

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    Riho also works as a model, and appear in various medium. If you want her to be appeared on your Owned Media, please inquire us at any time.


    ▼Works in the past

    ・Model for Kimono (Japanese traditional clothing) brand "Qu'il monu"

    ・Model for Old Lens Paradise

    ・Appearance in Japanese TV program "SONGS" "Bokura-no-Ongaku (Music for us)" "Baka-Rhythm 02", etc...

    Inquiry Form

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